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Today was my first day of work. I lasted all of 45 minutes. When I got there I discovered that the little man that hired me wasn't in today. Also, he neglected to tell the mananger on duty that I DON'T FUCKING SPEAK GERMAN. The lady was fucking yelling at me... yes, please yell at me, that will help me understand you. I kept telling her that I should leave, and that Mr. Benson should just call me or something. BUT SHE DIDN'T UNDERSTAND ME BECAUSE I DON'T SPEAK GERMAN. She finally went into the office and called Mr. Benson. When she came back she was real nice and stuff, but we still couldn't understand each other.
She took me to the locker room and gave me a shirt and a hat. The hat wa like a baby hat, man. It did not fit on my mellon. So that was good. The shirt was a medium. A MEDIUM?!?! Lady, if you didn't notice, I have a slight weight problem and OH I HATE. Did I mention that the shirt and hat were both dirty. Those bad boys were freshly worn, kids - and they stank.
She showed me around.. she would point to things and talk at me and I just blankly stared at her because I DON'T SPEAK GERMAN. Then she had some chick show me around... but, you know.. since I DON'T SPEAK GERMAN not a lot happened. I finally found someone who spoke English and I told him that I was leaving and he needed to tell his boss. She couldn't understand why I was leaving. Are you high, lady? I DON'T SPEAK GERMAN! I CANNOT UNDERSTAND A FUCKING WORD YOU ARE SAYING TO ME!!!

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